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Florida Ranks 4th For The Worst Drivers, 27% Have No Auto Insurance

In a recent study from personal finance site SmartAsset that found Florida ranks fourth in the nation for the worst drivers, one stat really stands out.

“Just 73.3 percent of drivers in Florida have insurance (and) that’s actually the lowest rate in the nation.”

SmartAsset’s Vice President of Financial Education, A.J. Smith, says the more uninsured drivers we have on the road, the more we pay for insurance. She adds that our lawmakers may want to take notice.

“It can be strengthening the laws. It can be enforcing those laws. It can be making access to that insurance easier and a little bit quicker as well.”

What can you do to protect yourself in case you’re hit by an uninsured motorist?

“Make sure that you have an emergency fund on hand so that if you do have to pay out of pocket immediately after an accident that you have access to that money right away.”

Also, pay up for uninsured motorist coverage.

Florida performed much better than average in another metric.

“Florida actually ranks the eighth lowest when it comes to the number of DUI’s per 1,000 drivers so, actually scoring well in that metric.”

She says our state has improved in recent years…having been number one for the worst drivers in 2017.

Florida is not alone at fourth for the worst drivers, we’re tied for fourth, with Nevada and Texas.


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