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Florida could soon allow drivers to keep their licenses on cellphones


  • Photo by JESHOOTS

Florida could soon allow drivers to keep digital licenses on their cellphones and present them as identification.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports Rep. James Grant, R-Tampa, is planning to file a bill authorizing people to keep their driver’s licenses or ID on smartphones. The measure would allow the electronic credential to be substituted for a required physical credential in a number of situations, including getting stopped by the police or buying alcohol. Florida already lets drivers show electronic proof of auto insurance to law enforcement officers during traffic stops.

Grant filed a similar bill last year that died. That proposal specifically stipulated that presenting electronic credentials to law enforcement officers does not constitute consent for officers to access other information on the phone. However, a person who presents their device to police “assumes liability resulting in any damage to the device,” according to an analysis of the failed bill.

Last year, Louisiana became the first state to offer digital licenses to its residents, according to Governing. The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators says at least 14 other states are in the midst of developing a program.

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